Fact #1

-Despite the appearance of numerous 'look-a-like' Santa's around Christmas time, there is actually only one 'Santa Claus'.

Santa facts

Fact #2

-The most distinguishing difference between the real Santa and 'look-a-like' Santa's is that the real Santa wears a fake white beard. Unfortunately, most 'look-a-like' Santa's these days realize this and wear one too.

Santa facts

Fact #3

-Santa's real name is actually Harold Flabbergast. On a round the world cruise in July 1952, disaster struck the Flabbergast family when their baby Harold was lost overboard near the Arctic continent, never to be found again. However, Harold's mother, Mavis, strongly believes Santa is her son.

Santa facts

Fact #4

-Ever wondered how Santa and his reindeer fly? Well, when the elves raised Santa from a baby they wrapped him up in a large red and white coat to keep him warm. This coat, together with matching pants, hat, gumboots and gloves, were given to the elves by Superman when he left his Arctic ice cave to move in with Lois Lane, his girlfriend.

Santa facts

Fact #5

-Santa is recognized as being one of the best animal trainers in the world. He has even got one of his reindeers, 'Rudolph', to wear a silly red nose.

Santa facts

Fact #6

-It is not known exactly how old Santa Claus and his reindeers are, but he looks like he is in his seventies. This is Santa in the seventies...........

Santa facts

Fact #7

-The earliest recorded sighting of Santa Claus was back in Egyptian times, in the 19th century. It is quite possible that someone somewhere believes that the pyramids are actually giant stone presents dropped out of the sky, despite how ridiculous this sounds.

Fact #8

-There is a yet to be proven fact that Santa and his 'elf' friends do not actually spend most of the year making all the presents for everybody in the whole world. Rather, they spend most of the year printing money so they can just buy the presents.

Fact #9

-Santa has a special arrangement with very important people that allows him to print this so-called money. Not just anybody can print money, in fact you could go to jail.

Fact #10

-All year long the 'elves' work very hard getting everything ready for Christmas Eve.

Fact #11

-For the majority of the year, Santa likes to travel to other countries in pursuit of food, his great passion in life.

Fact #12

-Santa's 'elf' friends are not and never have been Santa's slaves, and Santa was not the person who introduced the concept of slavery to the world. The 'elves' are merely Santa's friends.

Fact #13

-On Christmas Eve, Santa climbs into his sleigh, and with the help of his tireless reindeer, leaves on his journey to deliver the presents to everybody in the whole wide world. This round trip has been estimated to be around 450,000 kilometres. Within a couple of hours his job is done and it's back home for a nice cuppa before going back to bed.

Fact #14

-Many people believe that Santa Claus is not real due to the fact that they still get presents despite not having a chimney. However, it is believed that Santa breaks into the house (usually through the kitchen window) and helps himself to a snack, then disguises himself as one of your parents before putting your presents under the Christmas tree.


Could this be the silhouette of Santa Claus captured on film at a school camp? -Photo courtesy of Mrs Ivy Bogglington

Santa Claus

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