Materials and Tools

A pile of butterflies. Either cut out your own using scissors (time consuming), purchase a paper cutter machine, or buy ready made ones either from a craft shop or online.

A hoop to hang the butterflies from. We purchased metal ones from our local craft store, but you can also buy wooden ones.

Fishing nylon. To avoid a domestic, it pays to ask before raiding your husband's fishing gear.

Beads (optional)


Keyring ring (or something else suitable for the purpose of hanging the mobile)

Step 1

Tie some fishing nylon in the centre of the hoop to form a cross. Ensure you can tie good reliable knots that won't come undone. The purpose of this cross is for tying butterfly stringers to it as well as around the hoop to create some shape to the mobile, a bit like a chandelier.


Step 2

Create the butterfly stringers. Cut some lengths of fishing nylon. Using a pin and some playdough we put a hole in each of the card butterflies. Then it is simply a matter of threading some butterflies along each stringer, tying a knot at each point you would like a butterfly to be so that it won't slide down the nylon when it is hanging. On our mobiles we used some small beads just to add a nice subtle touch.



Step 3

Once you have finished making the butterfly stringers tie them onto the hoop as desired. For our mobiles we made stringers of 3 different lengths, and hung the longest one in the centre, the middle length ones on the cross, and the shorter ones around the hoop.


Step 4

Your butterfly mobile should be now be almost done! To make our hoop look a bit nicer and to hide most of the knots we wound some white ribbon around the hoop and used a dab of glue to stop it coming undone. We then tied a couple more lengths of fishing line together with the keyring ring to the hoop to enable the mobile to be hung from a hook in the ceiling.


...and yes, that is a giant stuffed dog in the background....