Plant pots

This project will have the appearance of being a little vague, however this is due to the fact that there are so many different climates and habitats that we all live in around the world that it will be impossible to satisfy everyone with a specific detailed description. The general idea though is to simply create an area for your children to learn and enjoy the basic principles of gardening.

To help maintain your child's interest in their new garden, it is a good idea not to create one that is too large and daunting. All going well, your children will enjoy their garden for a long time to come.

vegetable garden

Look at either sectioning off a part of your current garden specifically for your children to use, or construct a new area for them. Children like being set boundaries, so keep it quite distinct. You could build a small raised garden out of tanalised timber or a planter box. Or define an area of your current garden for them to use. Or buy some large pots to fill and plant.

Raised Planter

The other consideration is what kind of garden do they want? Do they want a flower garden? Maybe a vegetable or herb garden? Or a cactus garden? The choices are many- the best idea is to visit your local garden centre and ask for advice for what is best for your location!

vegetable garden