sock puppets

Materials and Tools

An old sock, the longer the better. Ankle socks are not ideal, but can be used. The perfect sock is an old one of Dad's, but just make sure it's been washed and doesn't smell.


Needle and thread

Marker pen




Old fabric/towels/clothing

Sheepskin pieces/cotton balls

Anything else you you might have lying around the house!

The above materials are merely a guide. You can make a sock puppet with just a sock and 2 buttons if you wish.

Step 1

Put the sock on your hand and create the bare puppet shape. Using a marker pen, mark with a couple of faint dots where you'd like the eyes to go. Remove the sock from your hand, and sew on the buttons you'd like to use as eyes.

Step 2

The rest is really up to you and your imagination. You can use an offcut of sheepskin or similar as a tuft of hair, which you can either glue or hand sew on. Make a cape out of an old piece of fabric or cut out a cape from an old teeshirt. Cut out a pair of glasses from an old plastic container. Put some glue on the puppet and sprinkle on glitter. Go wild.

Send photos of your best sock puppets to and if we like them, we'll post them below!

Felt animals

This is something my eldest daughter started doing with some pieces of felt, some stuffing, a pair of scissors, a needle and some thread...

pink panther


Pompom creatures



Many thanks to Isabella from Victoria, Australia for these fantastic pompom creations.

Other things....

sock puppet

sock puppet

Thank you Vicky from Melbourne for sending through a photo of your creature. Great effort!!


Ann from Auckland, New Zealand started knitting one of these draught-stopper dogs for her grand daughter and hasn't been able to stop!


Emma from Surrey, England sent in this pic of her sock monkey which just needs finishing! Amazing what you can create with a pair of knee length socks, a sewing machine and some buttons...

Iceblock stick puppets

Here's some creative little iceblock stick puppets from Grace in New Zealand