Send any of your own pointers or advice to and we'll look at listing them below.


- When purchasing materials from a hardware store, don't be afraid to get advice from the salesman on the best product for the project you are working on. Sometimes the store may have a product in stock that will work better in your situation than what we have indicated on this website. Plus, it never hurts to get more advice.

- Safety first is paramount. When using power tools plugged into the mains, always be conscious of where the power lead is. Make sure the lead is not dangling underneath the blade area, or is looped around your feet. Some powertools if used incorrectly may 'kick back' at you if the blade gets stuck. You do not want the tool to hit you if this occurs, so ensure the power lead is not tangled, and do not stand directly behind the tool- instead stand to one side. There recently was a case where someone was using an angle grinder, which kicked back and embedded into his face. Miraculously he survived.

- Empty the lint filter on you clothes dryer every time you put it on.