Troll Spotting

This activity came about after going for a walk one day with my son through our local park. We had just passed a small bridge when we heard these strange noises coming from underneath it. The noises were not very loud at all, but from what we could hear they sounded like angry mutterings. We could see a small dark movement under one side of the bridge, and as we happened to have a camera with us we took this photo. We then approached the bridge again, but the noises stopped, and the 'thing' that was under there appeared to have gone. Upon studying the photo when we returned home, we believe this was a Standard Bridge Troll (SBT). You can just make out his arm poking out from the shadows.

bridge troll

These fantastic photos below were sent in by a reader in New Zealand. We believe they capture the very elusive Log Troll (LT). Log Trolls are normally smaller and a lot more aggressive than Standard Trolls, and it is thought that they evolved from a line of Trolls that were banished from using bridges many centuries ago.

log troll

log troll

The reader also captured a photo of this juvenile Troll in the same stand of bush.


Send photos of your Troll sightings and other things to and we'll look at posting them below!

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