Sportinart Tutor Hunt

Emergency Crew Book

1- Make a Teepee for the backyard

Here's a great project for the kids that will keep them entertained for hours! For instructions on how to build a simple Teepee click here

2- Build a sandpit


If you have children and you have a backyard, then you really are obliged to build a sandpit. Please keep in mind certain health issues when constructing and maintaining your sandpit

3- Take your kids to your local zoo

There's no better way to spend the day than at your local zoo.

4- Make a tyre swing


Have you ever caught yourself calling your children "little monkeys"? Well, every little monkey needs a tyre swing.

5-Make a periscope

Here's a great educational project for any budding spy.

6- Teach your children origami

Is it raining outside and your children are tired of keeping themselves entertained drawing pictures? Why not get them folding up that paper instead?

7- Make a bird feeder with your children

Encourage the local wildlife into your backyard by making a bird feeder with your kids.

8- Build a playhouse


For the more ambitious of us out there, why not build a playhouse? Either build your own playhouse palace creation or follow more specific instructions.

9- Put your children on a sheet of cardboard at the top of a grassy hill

Experience the thrill of watching your children career down a grassy hill at high speed on a sheet of cardboard. Great fun.

10- Build a balsa wood glider

Teach your children how to fly by creating their own model aeroplanes.

11- Construct a model land yacht

Here's a great project to teach your children about wind power, speed and balance. Build more than one model land yacht and have races. For more information.

12- Make you own kites and fly them

The good old kite has stood the test of time. Instead of buying one, why not have a go at making your own? There's plenty of instructions out there if you need ideas.

13- Make a marionette puppet

Here's a great indoors craft project to get your creative juices flowing! Either follow these great instructions or create your own cool character.

14- Construct a pair of stilts

Let your children feel what it's like to be full sized by making a pair of stilts.

15- Build a gokart

Don't let the thought of broken bones put you off helping your children build their own gokart. Experience their pride as they hurtle down the hill at great speed on their creation. Here's another design as well!

16-Make a model boat

Get your children imagining life at sea by helping them build their own model boats and then sailing them in the bath. Watch out for those giant sea monsters though.

17- Create your own sock puppets


What better way to find a use for all those odd socks than to make your own sock puppets with your children. Or how about making a sock monkey.

18- Make a slip and slide

For those long hot summer days why not make a slip and slide for your backyard? Your children are guaranteed to have fun!

19- Make a simple guitar

Bring out the musician in your child by helping them build their own simple guitar.

20- Construct your own hot air balloon

Amaze your children by showing them the attributes of hot air in this simple project. Adult supervision is essential though- don't let your children play with matches or fire unsupervised.

21- Teach your children astronomy

Take your children to your local observatory or purchase a cheap telescope. For information on the solar system and universe aimed at children see

22- Take your children fishing


What a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon with the children, whether you are lucky to have the use of a boat or take them fishing off a wharf.

23- Create a name plaque for your children's bedroom door

Why go out and buy a name plaque when you can get creative and make your own? You can purchase letters from a craft store or make your own, and glue them onto a mounting board which you can decorate and fix to your child's bedroom door.

24- Make an intercom out of old telephones

Make a cheap intercom system out of a pair of old telephones, power supply and some wire. Or create a basic intercom system using a pair of old speakers and some wire. A great way to introduce your child to electronics!

25- Make a rocket!

Guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. Build your very own space rocket and watch it fly! Or how about having a go at a water rocket. Adult supervision required.

26- Get your children outside decorating the pavement or driveway


Either purchase some pavement chalk or make your own, and get your children creating their own giant artworks for everyone to admire.

27- Need Christmas craft ideas?

Well look no further than these fantastic ideas!

28- Construct the ultimate paper dart!

Forget about the good old traditional paper dart, and get your children building these awesome origami hang gliders! Prepare to be amazed.

29- Make your own kaleidoscope

For instructions on how to build a cool variation of kaleidoscope, visit the Disgustoscope!

30- Construct an oscillating Woodpecker!

Help your kids make this lively bird that will be sure to impress.

31- Build a mousetrap car

A project for older kids, help them construct this cool mousetrap powered car that will teach them about friction and energy.

32- Take your children to your local museum

I know I know, sounds obvious, but when was the last time you took your kids to the museum? This really is a must do, so one day when you're all bored and restless, go on take them there for a visit.

33- Make your own icecream

Help your kids make their very own icecream, without a refrigerator!

34- Make a grass head person

Here's a good old project idea that has stood the test of time- make a grass head person! Remember to send photos of your finished people into us here.

35- Make pompom characters


Here's a nice cheap activity to do with the kids that is hours of fun and creativity, making your own design pompom characters. Be sure to send us photos of your characters to our Facebook page, we'd love to see them!

36- Make a time capsule

Capture those precious childhood memories and hide them away in a time capsule for you and your children to uncover sometime in the future. Make sure you remember where you've hidden them though, particularly if you plan on moving house at some stage.

37- Make an ocean in a bottle

An easy activity for the children that is sure to mesmerize them- create an ocean scene in a bottle.

38- Grow some crystals

Growing crystals with your children is a very easy activity for the holidays- keep in mind though that patience will be required waiting for the crystals to form.

39- Make a cable car

Why not have a go at making a cable car with your kids these holidays? Either follow these guidelines or have a go at your own creation. Be sure to send us some photos though!

40- Make your own slime

Childhood is not complete without slime, and instead of buying it why not have a go at making your own at home with your kids. Here's an alternative recipe for green goo!

41- Make a treasure hunt for your kids

Here is an activity you can do anytime of the year, indoors or outdoors, that will keep your children busy for a while. Hide lollies or treats around the house or in the garden for your kids to find. Leave out clues for them to solve to find the loot. Just remember to keep a note of where you've hidden everything!

42- Take your children to your local beach


There is plenty of fun to be had at your local beach, whether it's playing with a beachball, going for a swim, playing frisbee, exploring the rockpools, or building a sandcastle. Remember the sunscreen.

43- Help your kids make a cardboard castle

Let you and your children express your creativity by building your own designed cardboard castle. A very cheap activity- all it requires is old cardboard boxes, some craft tools, and some creativity.

44- Build a treehouse for your kids

This is another one of those holiday projects that is a little advanced, but will provide years of enjoyment for your children. Either design and build your own or follow instructions such as these.

45- Construct a garden for your children

Here is a healthy outdoor activity for your children. Either construct a raised garden or divide off part of your existing garden for your children to grow their own plants or vegetables.

46- Make a scarecrow

Scare away birds, other kids, neighbours, and your mother-in-law, by helping your children build a scarecrow for the front garden

47- Help your children make a time machine

Perhaps you regret having children or they were an 'accident'- well why not get them to help rectify the situation by building a time machine.

48- Read to your children

Don't forget to read to your children these holidays. Even though it's no longer school term time, it still is important to read to your kids, and children no matter the age love stories. If you are so unfortunate that you don't have any stories in your house, here is a free one.

49- Teach your kids how to build a simple electric motor

Here's another great science activity to construct with your kids- using this easy to follow guide you can build a simple electric motor.

50- Create your own Rube Goldberg machine

Let your children's creativity soar by introducing them to the wonders of Rube Goldberg.

51- How to make puff paint

A fun activity for your children these holidays, and a bit different- create your own puff paint!

52- Make some soap crayons for the bath

The perfect and possibly only way to get your children clean whilst they do art!

53- Children's sculpture

Let your children's creativity come out with some good old Fimo sculpturing.

54- Fun with magnets

Does your fridge look all plain and boring and need livening up? Well here's some activity ideas for your kids to solve your problem.

55- Fun with papier mache!

Recycle all those old newspapers and turn them into papier mache masterpieces.

56- Build a robot

Recycle old electronic parts that you might have into cool robot sculptures!

57- Baking


Share in the delight of getting food all over the floor by teaching your child some basic cooking/baking. You can finish this bonding session by showing them how to use a mop. Remember, it's just food...

58- Take your kids to a show


Find out what local shows/exhibitions are on in your area and take the kids. Go on, get out there...

59- Bath Bombs

This is another great activity for the kids- show them how to make bath bombs. Also great to give away as presents!

60- Make a cardboard marble run

Follow these great instructions or create your own design.

61- Make a model house from card and balsa

balsa house

Here's a project that's guaranteed to occupy your whole holiday- build a model house...

62- Make a hydraulic arm

Yes that's right, teach your kids the principles of hydraulics with this fantastic project from our friend Mr Science Guy.

63- Make a rubber stamp from your child's artwork

Follow these instructions on this brilliant idea of making a rubber stamp from your kid's artwork.